Console Box Protectors  Mix and Match Packs   (7 Pack)

Shipping to the United States is included in the price!  If you buy other items these do not add to that shipping cost.   Most times the console boxes will ship in a separate package but if they can be shipped together we figure the total shipping and if you paid more than the actual cost we refund the difference.     

International customers.  Please contact us with what you need and where you are located so we can figure out the price with shipping to you.

If you need multiple console boxes these packs are the way to go.  Just buy which pack you need and send us a message with your order number and the numbers of the console boxes you need.  Each console box has a number assigned to it to make it easy.    As more come in we will add to the list.

#1 NES Control Decks and Challenge Set    (Same Size) 

#2 NES Top Loader

#3 SNES Control Set

#4 SNES Super Set and Donkey Kong Set  (Same Size)  OUT OF STOCK!!

#5 SNES Mini Control Deck

#6 N64 Basic  (Does not fit Funtastic)

#7 N64 Funtastic  (Does not fit any other N64 Console boxes that we know of)

#8 Nintendo Gamecube Basic 

#9 Sega Genesis ALTERED BEAST size only!  Could fit another version. Size is 16 3/16 x 16 1/16 x 5 1/2.

#10 Sega Genesis Model 2 Red Box  (Check your size!  There are variations!)

#11 Wii U  (Check your size!  There are variations!)  

#12 NES Action Set / NES Sports Set 

#13 Nintendo Switch ORIGINAL SIZE! Animal Crossing 

#14 BOTW Master   

#15 BOTW Special Edition   OUT OF STOCK!

#16 Wii Original Size (White Box) 


#18 Switch Mario/Splatoon 2 size

#19 Wii U Super Mario Maker   OUT OF STOCK!!!


#21 Atari 2600 (Chessboard Style Woodgrain Version Only) Not quite perfect on width.  Size is 23 15/16 x 13 x 4 3/4 or roughly 60.8 x 33 x 12cm.   Please do not buy without checking your size to make sure this will work. 

#22 N64 Atomic Purple (Also Fits N64 Pokemon Stadium Battle Set) 

#23 NES Power Set

#24 Virtual Boy US Version.  (May fit Japanese? Not sure yet) Size is 12 11/16 W x 14 15/16 x 5 15/16 or roughly 32.2 x 37.9 x 15.1cm.   

#25 PS2 Blue Box.  Does not fit slim. 

#26 XBOX Original (Plain Box Only) The special editions like Halo will be a little loose.  If you need those contact us and we can see if there is enough demand to get the other size done.   These are 15 7/16 x 15 3/16 x 6 1/4 or roughly 39.2 x 38.5 x 15.8cm.   

#27 Japanese N64. These were made to fit the dark purple/blue style but may fit the other Japanese N64's also.    These are 18 x 11 7/16 x 4 1/4 or roughly 45.7 x 29 x 10.8cm.  

#28 Sega Saturn Model 1 (NTSC) 

#29 Sega Saturn Model 2 (NTSC)  OUT OF STOCK!!!

#30 XBOX ONE X   These are 18 9/16 x 12 1/4 x 5 1/8 or roughly 47.1 x 31.1 x 13cm.  

#31 N64 Pikachu Special Edition NTSC version.  Not sure if this will fit the Japanese Version.  These are 16 1/4 x 13 1/8 x 4 5/8 or roughly 41.2 x 33.3 x 11.7cm.  

#32 N64 Donkey Kong Special Edition

#33 Wii Mini

#34 XBOX One S  These should all be the same but check your dimensions to make sure.  These are 17 1/16 x 11 7/16 x 4 5/8 or roughly 43.3 x 29 x 11.7cm.  Your box should be just a little smaller each way.   

#35 PS4 PRO Main size only! Fits at least 5-6 different PS4 PROS. These are 18 9/16 x 14 15/16 x 4 7/8 or roughly 47.1 x 37.9 x 12.4cm.

#36 XBOX Original Special Edition Size.  These could vary but they do fit the Halo Version.  Check your dimensions!  These are 15 3/16 x 15 3/16 x 5 5/8 or roughly 38.6 x 38.6 x 14.3cm.

#37 Wii Red 25th Anniversary  These are 15 3/16 x 10 x 5 1/4 or 38.5 x 25.4 x 13.3cm. This does fit one version of the Black Box but not all of them so check your size if you are buying it for anything but the Red Box.

#38 Sega 32X Console

#39 Sega CD Model 1

#40 Sega CD Model 2  (Tomcat Alley Version is a different size!  These are 18 11/16 x 14 1/2 x 5 5/16)

#41 Atari Jaguar

#42 Turbo Duo  (One time run!) 

#43 PS2 Slim  CHECK SIZE!  At least 2 sizes from what we are hearing.  There are some that are thicker boxes and won't fit!   12 7/16 x 10 3/8 x 3 5/8 or 31.6 x 26.3 x 9.2cm. 

RETURNS:  Returns are not going to be a great option if you order the wrong item.  Shipping is very expensive.      Please ask questions first if you are not sure.      These were made to fit NTSC size console boxes.  We really don't know if they will fit PAL versions.   If you contact us with the size of your item (Not pictures of your item) then we will check the size list and see if we can find what you need. 

Contact us with any questions!   


Console Box Protectors Mix and Match Packs (7 Pack)

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