#42 Turbo Duo Console Box Protector  (1 Protector)
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Custom made protector that fits the Turbo Duo console box as pictured.  If you have any other box variation check your size first because it may not fit.   

These are 15 1/8 x 14 1/8 x 4 7/16 or roughly 38.4 x 35.8 x 11.2cm.        

Shipping to the United States is included in the price!   Larger packs are cheaper per box.  If you buy other items these will not add to that shipping cost.  These will almost always have to ship separately.       

If you need more than one console box don't buy singles!  Buy the multi packs and just send us a message with your order number and let us know what you need.   Each box is numbered to make it easy.  You can tell us you need 2 #1's, 1 #7, 1# 9 or whatever it is to make up the amount you purchased and we will mix and match them for you.    

International customers will need to contact us with what you need so we can figure out the total with shipping.  

Very Thick .50mm Acid Free PET Plastic

Custom Made

Removable Peel Film 


#42 Turbo Duo Console Box Protector (1 Protector)

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